Torque Standard Bottle 

ST-TSB torque standard bottle is a control device for the quick verification of your torque testers. The bottle works frictionless, with permanent magnets, so the factory-set torque level will not change with the time. 






The operation torque of the ST-TSB can be factory-set between 5-20 LbIn, upon the customers specification, and will repeat this torque with +/- 0,2 LbIn accuracy.
The ST-TSB can be used by any automatic or manual torque tester instead of a real bottle. Just place the Torque Standard Bottle on the torque tester, rotate the closure on either direction and compare the torque testers measured value with the Torque Standard Bottle’s torque range. Should torque tester measure values out of the Torque Standard Bottle’s torque range, the torque tester needs to be recalibrated.

  • Enables quick torque tester verification
  • No mounting required
Additional Information

Additional Information

Included accessories No
Smartphone requirement No
Android version No
Measuring range 5-20 LbIn
Units of measurement LbfIn, LbfFt, Nm, dNm, Ncm, kgfcm
Displayed values No
Accuracy +/-0,2 LbIn
Safe Overload No
Maximum measuring frequency No
Range analysis No
Capable closure types No
Maximum sample size No
Calibration kit No
Operation time No
DC supply No
Bluetooth range No
Included software -
Memory No
Stored data’s No
Resistance grade No
Language No
Dimensions: Footprint / Height No
Net weight No
Shipping packaging No
Shipping dimensions No
Shipping weight 1 kg
Country of Manufacture
Warranty 3 years

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Torque Standard Bottle for quick calibration check on any closure torque tester