All Sure Torque and SmartLoadCell units are shipped calibrated, with traceable calibration certificate.
Calibration kits are available for all Sure Torque torque testers

Orders will be delivered with our courier partners with insured standard service. 
Delivery is free for orders over Eur 2.000,-
Delivery cost for orders below Eur 2.000,-: within the EU: Eur 52,- / outside the EU: Eur 103,-

Frequency of calibration
Usual calibration frequency is 1 year, but it may vary according to the customer's calibration policy.
If any damage or serious impact occurs to the instrument, it should be immediately ecalibrated!

All instruments are having alarm feature for the case of overlaod. See safe overload capacities in the “additional information” folder of the product pages

We accept orders with advance wire transfer payment.
Soon we will able to receive PayPal payments too.

PC software
All pc software are free for Sure Torque and SmartLoadCell devices

Calibration kits are available for all Sure Torque torque testers
Calibration service is available for all Sure Torque and SmartLoadCell models. For details please contact us!

SLC - Application
SmartLoadCells operation requires Android applications. We provide 2 different applications – both applications are free and can be downloaded from the support/downloads menu
SmarLoadCell application – this application can be connected to 1 SmartLoadCell unit (1 or 2-channel ones too)
SmartLoadCell_MULTi application – this application can be connected to maximum 7 SmartLoadCell units at the same time

SLC - Why Android?
The main reasons why we decided to start with Android:
• We recommend not to use a personal phone for testing, as:
   o Incoming calls may interrupt the test and may lead to the loss of the actual result
   o Testing may discharge battery, that may be arguing by a personal phone
• We recommend using a durable or heavy duty phone (such as CAT) in industrial circumstances. Such phones are only available with Android. - IPhones are too costly to break them in vain.
• Android devices that are good enough for this application are much cheaper
• The distribution of the application is easier for Android – simply downloadable from our website, no must to be approved by Apple store. - This was especially important in the first time, when we still updated it more frequent.

All Sure Torque and SmartLoadCell units carry 3 years manufacturer’s warranty!