Correct application torque

What is the proper amount of torque?
Various organizations have published suggested application torque charts. What is common among all of the recommendations are the values are grouped by closure size and are listed as a range of inch-pounds.
A “rule of thumb” is to use the torque /in Lbin/ equal with the closure radius in mm:
I.e. D38mm (=R19mm) is 19 LbIn. 


Measuring application torque
Unless the capping equipment records the measurements, which is not that common, application torque is recorded off line by measuring removal torque. Removal torque can be be measured immediately or with some recession delay after capping (and before heat induction if used).

Direct testing of the capping machine 's application torque is also possible:

  • Static torque can be checked with chuck calibrators as TRQ1 or ST-H6
  • Dynamic torque and top load can be checked by a test bottle as SB-TF