ST-120Fully automatic torque tester, the industrial version of the former ST-LAB. After placing a sample intto the ST-LAB it will apply all the movements like clamping the contianer, gripping the cap and releasing/applying the closure with automatised moves. The using of a fully automatised torque tester offers 100% repeatable test circumstances wich eliminates the human erorrs from the measurement. Both the force and the speed of the sample fixing and the testing itself can be set on a wide range.
The ST-LAB uses a customer-friendly intelligent plc control wich enables the flexible configuration of many different test methods. Even special customised test methodes can be added to the standard ones.


Industries: Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging

Areas: Laboratory, Production


- Release torque testing without breaking seal integrity
- Warranty ring application and breaking tests
- Precision capping

  • ST-120Application
  • Release test
  • Apply-release test (for finding the connection between the application and the release torque by several cap-container combinatons)
  • Release-apply test. With this test mode it is possible to measure the initial release torque without damaging the temper evident band and the sealing even on carbonated or aseptic products.
  • Optional test modes and configurations:
  • Temper evident band application and release tests (available only together with countinious rotation option because the test method requires different machine configuration to the basic)
  • Multiple application
  • Multiple releare test
  • Undestructive relese test. - Passed-failed output release torque validation test, for checking weather the release torque is over the minimum limit. The release torque is increased until the preset minimum torque limit. When the cap not releasese, the until the minimum torque, the sample passes the test, when it opens, the sample failes the test.
  • Strip test - The strip test mode measures the peak torque value, where threads break/deform in an on-torque/application cycle. This way you are able to measure the maximal amount of torque can be applied on a closure/container, without permanent damage of the closure/container threads.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Included accessories -
Smartphone requirement -
Android version -
Measuring range 5 Nm
Units of measurement Nm, LbfIn, Kgfcm, Ncm
Displayed values Actual or Max
Accuracy +/- 0,5% F.S.
Safe Overload 120%
Maximum measuring frequency 80Hz
Range analysis -
Capable closure types Twist closures
Maximum sample size Any
Calibration kit available
Operation time -
DC supply DC 12V with included AD110/230 V adapter
Bluetooth range -
Included software Data logger, Data manager for PC
Memory 100 results
Stored data’s Measurement nr, peak results, date, time, graph, instrument serial number
Resistance grade IP 54
Language English
Dimensions: Footprint / Height -
Net weight -
Shipping packaging Wooden crate
Shipping dimensions No
Shipping weight No
Country of Manufacture Hungary
Warranty 1 year