ST-M3 Motorizable Cap Torque Tester


ST-M3 motorized_torque_testerM3 - Modular, Manual & Motorizable.

The unit offers the most advanced manual torque testing solution on the market with the option to upgrade it to a motorized semi-automated torque tester.

The mobile phone display allows the monitoring of the release and application processes on torque-time graph

Real time data collection is possible with the included data logger program

ST-M3 quick lock

ST-M3's Quick Lock sample fixing table offers effective testing with fast container chaging. 


ST-M3 torque testerIndustries: Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging

 Areas: Laboratory, Production


Closure torque testing:
- Release torque
- Bridge torque
- Incremental torque
- Application torque

  • ST-M3 screen graphMOTORIZABLE - can be transformed to motorized torque tester with a simple kit
  • Simple operation - handy as HMI
  • Extra large sample table for even 5 liter bottles
  • Quick release sample fixing 
  • Torque-time graph drawing and saving
  • High storing capacity
  • Included pc software
  • Resistance grade: IP65 (water resistant)
  • 3 years warranty
Additional Information

Additional Information

Included accessories No
Smartphone requirement No
Android version No
Measuring range -10Nm - +10 Nm (cca +/- 88.5 lbfIn)
Units of measurement LbfIn, LbfFt, Nm, dNm, Ncm, kgfcm
Displayed values Actual, Max1, Max2, torque-time graph
Accuracy +/- 0,25% F.S.
Safe Overload 120%
Maximum measuring frequency 400 Hz (2.5 ms)
Range analysis No
Capable closure types any kind of twist cap
Maximum sample size Ø200 mm
Calibration kit available
Operation time 6-8 hours
DC supply Micro USB
Bluetooth range No
Included software Data logger, Data manager for PC
Memory Thousends of datas'
Stored data’s measurement nr, peak results, date, time, graph, instrument serial number, customer added comment
Resistance grade IP 65
Language English
Dimensions: Footprint / Height 210 x 250 x 90 mm
Net weight 2.5 kg
Shipping packaging Heavy duty waterproof case
Shipping dimensions 420 x 350 x 190 mm
Shipping weight 5 kg
Country of Manufacture Hungary
Warranty 3 years


ST-M3 torque graph

What to do with your results?

  • Add comment and save
  • View from the history
  • Transfer to PC on Bluetooth, WiFi, USB or RS232 cable
  • Send to data logger pc program (included)
  • Print

On the PC: the included data manager program can:

  • convert results to csv-file (excel compatible)
  • display the results with graphs
  • create reports from the individual results or from the statistical analyses

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ST-M3 Motorizable Cap Torque Tester

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Motorizable Cap Torque Tester ST-M3

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