ST-LAB-PRO2D Automatic Cap Torque Tester


Automatic Cap Torque Tester - ST-LAB_PRO2DSure Torque’s ST-LAB series is the most automated closure Torque Tester on the market, with the ability to handle the most varied container and closure types.

The newest models of the ST-LAB family have user configurable automatic Top Load control for testing Child Resistant closures.

Main features of the new ST-LAB:

- Programmable Top Load control
- Application angle measurement 
- Fully automatic
- Quick testing (10-15 sec)
- Statistics on test type/sample type (average, sigma, cpk, in/under/over range)
- SD card

The difference between the ST-LAB5 and the LAB-PRO2D is only the form and the size. The LAB-2D carries on the usual form of the ST-LAB series and can handle bigger samples. The operating machinery and electronics is the same for both instruments.


Demo video:



Automatic Cap Torque Tester - ST-LAB-PRO2DIndustries: Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging

Areas: Laboratory, Production


- Release torque testing without breaking seal integrity
- Child Resistant closure testing with programmable Top Load
- Automatic Application Angle measuring 
- Warranty ring application and breaking tests
- etc.

  • Release-application test without breaking the seal integrity of the product. This means: SAVING MONEY and ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLINESS - the tested and re-torqued sample can be put back on the production line, instead of putting them in the waste - see this savings table.

  • Automatic top load control enables the simple and accurate testing of the Child Resistant closures.

  • Application Angle measuring

  • 100% operator independent testing

  • All movements are fully automatic (not just the rotation, but also the container and closure gripping)

  • Quick testing – test speed can be set on a wide range

  • 10 different test receipts for the different products  

  • Many included test modes

  • Multi-level access – operator cannot change the setup parameters or the machine

  • Direct statistical analysis and report creating

  • Ability for adding custom test modes any time (upgrade-file can be sent in email)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Included accessories 1 set of change parts (container clamp and cap collet)
Pc software and communication cables
Smartphone requirement No
Android version No
Measuring range -8.5Nm - +8.5 Nm (cca +/- 75 lbfIn)
Units of measurement LbfIn, LbfFt, Nm, dNm, Ncm, kgfcm
Displayed values Actual, Max1, (Max2), torque-time graph
Accuracy +/- 0,2% F.S.
Safe Overload 120%
Maximum measuring frequency 350 Hz (2.85 ms)
Range analysis Yes – In range / under range / over range
Capable closure types any kind of twist cap
Maximum sample size D200 x 440 mm
Calibration kit available
Operation time No
DC supply DC 24V with included AD110/230 V adapter
Bluetooth range No
Included software Data manager for PC
Memory Unlimited
Stored data’s measurement nr, peak results, date, time, graph, instrument serial number, comment, calibration date
Resistance grade IP 54
Language English, German, Hungarian + custom language
Dimensions: Footprint / Height 430x380x580 mm
Net weight 22 kg
Shipping packaging Wooden crate
Shipping dimensions 650x490x730 mm
Shipping weight 40 kg
Country of Manufacture Hungary
Warranty 3 years

Air supply: 6 Bar filtered air with 6 mm tube


Standard test modes:   

Automatic Release-Application - Sure Torque

Release test
Range testing – Besides the exact release torque ,out of tolerance readings are indicated by colour signals

Release-apply test. With this test mode it is possible to measure the initial release torque without damaging the temper-proof band and the sealing even on carbonated or aseptic products.

Apply-release test (for finding the relationship between the application and the release torque on several cap-container combinations)

Warranty Ring application and release tests

Strip test

The strip test mode measures the peak torque value, where threads break/deform in an on-torque/application cycle. In this way it is possible to measure the maximum torque that can be applied to a closure/container, without permanent damage of the closure/container threads.

Top load can be configured by for each test individually. By the combined tests top load can be set differently for Application and Release!


Additional test modes in the 'Advanced Top Load' option:

Application Angle test - Sure Torque

Top Load Seek test - Sure Torque
Application angle measurement
A release test where after passing the initial release torque the closure will be fully removed, and the original application angle will be measured too
Topload seek test
Topload will be increase automatically until the closure starts to open (force increment and increment dynamics is configurable)


Please see further demo videos on the ST-LAB5 product page!


Theory of release torque testing without breaking the seal integrity of the closure


ST-LAB savings table

Watch demo video or download it:


ST LAB video presentation:  /download/


Top Load Seek test on Child Resistant closures:


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ST-LAB-PRO2D Automatic Cap Torque Tester

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Automatic cap Torque Tester

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