ST-H6 Univesal Torque / Force Tester


ST-H6 universal torque - top load force testerSure Torque ST-H6 is a universal instrument, that can be used for all torque and force measuring purposes in the bottling industry, as:
- capper head chuck calibration
- capper head topload spring calibration
- cap removal torque measurement.

Several measuring heads can be connected to the handheld unit for the different applications:
- ST-H-C chuck torque calibrators: This units enable the capping torque measurement directly on the capper machine, without the disassembly of the chucks. (See the most common standard neck finish types here!)
- ST-H-T topload force unit: This unit enables the capper head’s topload spring force measurement directly on the capper machine, without the disassembly of the chucks.
- ST-H-D desktop unit: With this unit the instrument can be used as a normal cap torque tester to release the closure torque on the bottles.


Industries: Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging

 Areas: Maintanance, Laboratory, Production


Capper machine testing: 
- Capper chuck torque testing
- Capper head Top Load force testing

Closure torque testing:
- Release torque
- Bridge torque
- Incremental torque
- Application torque

Special testing applications:
- Crimp force testing on crimped vials or aerosols
- Any custom fore or torce or torque testing with connectable load cells


/Video was made of the previous (ST-H4) model/

  • ST-H6 universal torque-force testerUniversal instrument for maintanance and quality control applications
  • Capper chuck torque and top load force measuring on the capper, without disassambling the capper head
  • The handheld unit can handle up to 5 different measuring units with different calibration, so one handheld unit can be used both with all the measuring devices.
  • Fulfills the torque and force testing requirements of both the maintenance and the production line QC in the bottling industry. 
  • Displaying actual and peak torque value, the time-torque (time-force) diagram
  • Custom ID code can be recorded to each measurement
  • Data’s can be saved to SD-card or pc with USB or RS-232 connection.
  • Chuck calibrator unit can be equipped with several change parts for different cap diameters/kinds. The change part can easily be changed with just 1 or 2 screws.
  • Both kind of ST-H-D desktop closure torque testers are shipped with the normal Sure Torque flat surface clamping table
  • The ST-H-T Top load force measuring unit measures the top load spring force of the capper head. It is an expandable force meter which travels 10 mm upwards against the spring and measures the force during their travel. The measures of the unit: Ø60 x 27-37 mm.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Included accessories Measuring heads are not included
Smartphone requirement -
Android version -
Measuring range -10Nm - +10 Nm (cca +/- 88.5 lbfIn) / 30 kg
Units of measurement LbfIn, LbfFt, Nm, dNm, Ncm, kgfcm / Kg, N, Lbf
Displayed values Actual, Max1, Max2, torque-time diagram
Accuracy +/- 0,25% F.S.
Safe Overload No
Maximum measuring frequency 200 Hz (5 ms)
Range analysis No
Capable closure types any kind of serrated twist cap
Maximum sample size Ø115/120 mm
Calibration kit available
Operation time 4-5 hours
DC supply No
Bluetooth range No
Included software Data manager for PC
Memory 64 datas in device memory, Thousends of datas' on SD card
Stored data’s measurement nr, peak results, date, time, diagram, instrument serial number, custom ID-code
Resistance grade IP 54
Language English
Dimensions: Footprint / Height 225x105x5 cm
Net weight 0,6 kg
Shipping packaging Heavy duty waterproof case
Shipping dimensions 41x33x17,5 cm
Shipping weight 3 kg
Country of Manufacture Hungary
Warranty 3 years


The 3 available measuring heads and their options:

ST-H-C chuck calibrators:

ST-H-C1 Capper Chuck Torque Calibrator ST-H-C2 Capper Chuck Torque Calibrator ST-H-C3 Capper Chuck Torque Calibrator

Range: 10 Nm
Size: D50 x 80 mm
Weight: 0,5 kg

Range: 10 Nm
Size: D40 x 45 mm
Weight: 0,3 kg
Range: 5 Nm
Size: D50 x 25 mm
Weight: 0,2 kg


ST-H-D Desktop Cap Torque Testing units:

ST-H-D Desktop torque tester unit ST-H-D Desktop torque tester unit
ST-H-D2 desktop unit ST-H-D3 desktop unit
Range: 5 Nm
Size: D50 x 80120x120x55 mm
Weight: 1,85 kg
Range: 5 Nm
Size: D50 x 80120x120x55 mm
Weight: 1,85 kg


ST-H-T Top Load tester:

H-T-1 H-T-2

Range: 30 kg
Size: Ø60 x 27-37 mm 
Weight: 0,7 kg

Top Load unit can be extended by 10 mm, displacement can be controlled on the mm-rings. 


Full specification - pdf

Capper chuck testing solutions video presentation:


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ST-H6 Univesal Torque / Force Tester

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Hand held unit for different measuring heads

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